(2016) An asynchronous, non-linear watch


The unWATCH™ is a watch that divides the 24 hours of the day over 24 hours, but in a non-linear way. No minute, no hour, no day is the same. It constantly fluctuates up to several minutes out of sync with standard time.
Time is relative, not absolute! At last there is a watch that understands. It will help you create your personal time.


Time to change!

unWATCH™ is connected through internet to the world wide everything. It knows exactly what standard-time it is, only: it won’t tell you!

It has millions of algorithms onboard, out of which you choose your own personal one. With this algorithm, the unWATCH™ divides the 24 hours of the day over 24 hours (or any other number), but in a non-linear way. It constantly fluctuates up to several minutes out of sync with standard time. No minute, no hour, no day is ever the same as the next.

All of your personal devices – your phone, your computer, your alarm-clock, your TV, your car, every personal time based device you use – can be linked to the unWATCH™, which synchronizes them realtime. You can live at your personal time and you can choose whether this time is private or public: no one will know exactly when you are if you don’t want them to. You can live off-line, off-time, un-watched.

You can choose to share your time with others if you want to. You and your family or friends can live simultimeously, day in day out, or for a certain amount of time, by applying the sync-option on the unWATCH™ and connecting it to the unWATCH™ of people from your addressbook. But you don’t have to. And you certainly don’t need to.

Not only does the unWATCH™ make your time personal, it also makes Duration personal. No hour is exactly as long as the next or the previous one. What you are experiencing – your life – can only be exactly measured by your time, not by standard time.


Your time is what defines your life. How you spend your time is what determines your life. The ability to control your time is what sets you free.

What exactly is time? Albert Einstein (1879-1955) showed us that time and space are related and that time is relative, not absolute. Henry Bergson (1859-1941) further explained, that time does not even exist: what we call time is actually Duration. It can only be where there is consciousness; where there are humans.

Science has taken over our time (as it has our lives) by interpreting time as a measuring tool; as if it were constant. But it is not.

With the internet came worldwide super synchronicity. Now virtually all clocks are synchronized and everyone on this planet lives at the same time. We assume that’s a natural thing, but it is not. There is no such thing as one time. We’ve made it up.


Synchronicity and Asynchronicity are key features of the Whispering Wall Project. All Units, all Whispering Walls are connected, worldwide. All of them can work together at the very exact same time, but not all of them do.

Ad campaign artwork by Studio Martiene Raven
unWATCH™ © 2016 Albert Raven | Whispering Wall Project