The units

The WHISPERING WALL is a wall that produces sounds and performs audio-works stored in a virtual cloud. The sound comes from small, computerized units, especially developed for this project. Together they form a collective of portable, interactive, individual units, which sound-connect one place to another. It’s a global, internet-of-things work of art.

The units have internet access, they are individually connected to the cloud, realtime. You can take them anywhere. And that’s exactly the point: to take them to a specific place, have them interact with that place, merge, or maybe take over, or sound-connect that place to another place somewhere in the world. And then, after a certain amount of time, leave and take them elsewhere.

The original units are designed and hand built by Thijs de Bont of deBont Amps.

Over time, new types of units have been built and are being developed, for instance Birdhouse, or the small battery-operated units for installations like #48h. Some works make use of Raspberry Pi computers, like Whispering Mirror and Whispering Tree.