(2015) Audiowork. Piece in four scenes for a woman’s voice and Whispering Wall, 10:33 min. in loop
Ttl. transl: disappointment, letdown, frustration



At the Whispering Wall exposition during the ‘Kultur Tage Buch 2015’, this Whispering Wall was on the first floor of Haus 20 of the Ludwig Hoffmann Quartier in Berlin-Buch, in a room called Pension Olga, performing the audiowork Enttäuschung.

Enttäuschung is a combination of the four works ‘Schön das du da bist’, ‘Männlein’, ‘Geh jetzt weg’ und ‘Verbannen’.

This piece was part of the Whispering Wall exposition at the ‘Kultur Tage Buch 2015’ in Berlin.